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Sam Rainsy: “I’ll be a better PM than Hun Sen”.

In-depth Interview with Cambodian Opposition Leader Sam Rainsy about Hun Sen, his role as future PM, about the Cambodian political stalemate, the neighbors Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. “Peaceful change coming for Cambodia”. March 10,… Continue reading

Cambodia’s opposition leader plays the racist card.

Cambodia has been ruled for nearly 25 years by Hun Sen. His biggest rival is Sam Rainsy, who, in his struggle for power, has made use of widespread racism toward the Vietnamese. “We… Continue reading

Vietnam Demands Inquiry into ‘Racist’ Killing in Cambodia.

Vietnamese authorities called for an investigation into the beating death of a Vietnamese-Cambodian man following a traffic accident in Phnom Penh that has raised ethnic tensions. Meanwhile, the ruling CPP and opposition CNRP… Continue reading

Vietnamese FDI for Cambodian Economy, not welcome?

VIETNAM will invest an additional US $ 1.3 billion in Cambodia over the next two years. The investment will be aimed at several projects in oil and gas, electricity, minerals exploration, rubber and… Continue reading

Yuon: What’s in a xenonym?

We believe that understanding the Khmer language alone and living in Cambodia is necessary but not sufficient to truly open up the Khmer soul to non-Khmers. Khmerness is speaking the language, understanding Khmer idioms, appreciating Khmer jokes and their nuances, and enjoying Khmer music and poetry. It is a feeling that resonates with Khmer people living in Cambodia. Being Khmer should not be synonymous with Pol Pot. The actions that Pol Pot committed are complete anathema to the Khmer soul. A Khmer is someone who is proud of the civilization that Angkor has left as its legacy.