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One world after all – Elites’ strange plot to take over the world.

An editorial by Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell – News and Analysis. An article in Salon was recently brought to our attention by Hugo, a feedbacker. It is entitled “Elites’ strange plot to take over… Continue reading

A short History of camouflaged (US) war ships.

Camouflaged Ships: An Illustrated History of mainly US vessels. The recent deployment of USS Freedom (LCS 1) will revive a tradition of camouflaging warships. Outside of smaller patrol boats, the U.S. largely abandoned elaborate color schemes and… Continue reading

Cambodia: the most heavily bombed country in the world.

An analysis of a recently declassified Pentagon geo-referenced data set of all US bombings during the Indochinese (aka Vietnamese aka American) war which revealed substantial errors in the historical record of what happened… Continue reading

Vehicles & Co in World War II & Jeath War Museum, Kanchanabury

  This private sector Museum that collects lots of World War II Stories, such as war instruments, photographs, uniforms, etc. It is located on the bank of Kwai River nearby the Bridge on… Continue reading

Zugfahrt von Goamahamongkol nach Thakilen – The Train to Thakilen-Kanchanabury.

    May I invite you to join me on a train from Goamahamongkol to Thakilen, Kanchanabury. It will take no more than a short hour or even less, when you enjoy my… Continue reading