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Cambodian Quote of the Day.

By law, there is no sex tourism business. If they [distribute condoms] like this, it means they are encouraging the sex tourism business. Tourism Working Group co-chair Ho Vandy on campaigns promoting safe… Continue reading

Bon Om Touk – Water Festival Impressions.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia: No water festival in 2013.

The government has announced the cancellation of this year’s Water Festival (Bon Om Touk) for the third year in a row. Phnom Penh Water Festival Canceled for Third Year Running. Amid persistent opposition… Continue reading

Water Festival 2013 – Bon Om Tuk – Phnom Penh.

Festival set to return in November Water fun to flow on November 16, 17, 18, 2013. Cambodia’s annual Water Festival will go forward as usual this November after a two-year hiatus. The festival,… Continue reading

Phnom Penh: Diamond Bridge – The Cambodian Way of Problem Solving.

“Out of sight – Out of mind”.  And the owner of the notorious stampede bridge in Phnom Penh takes this claim to heart. Dismantling has started of stampede bridge. Workers began to dismantle… Continue reading

Phnom Penh: Still Questions 0ne Year after Koh Pich-Stampede.

Exactly one year ago, on Nov 22, 2010 the catastrophic stampede took place during the Water Festival in Phnom Penh. But in these days there is an air of normality in this place:… Continue reading

Cambodia: Bad Mood on 11/11/2011.

On the morning of the third day of Bon Om Touk or Water Festival. Sad mood along the Tonle Sap river bank. Today, I am an early bird. It’s a few minutes after… Continue reading

Cambodia: Independence Day 2011

The Kingdom of Cambodia is celebrating the anniversary of its independence from France on every November 9 since 1953. Today I had a kind of sarcastic moments:  I decided to ask some of… Continue reading

Phnom Penh: Just in Time for Water Festival.

New Koh Pich Bridges to prevent future tragedies inaugurated two days before upcoming Water Festival 2011. The new Twin Dragon Bridges lie parallel to the Diamond Bridge, the site of the disaster that… Continue reading

Cambodia: Water Festival 1945/46

Next week, the Kingdom of Cambodia will celebrate its world-famous Bon Om Touk aka Water Festival: November 9 – 11. This year in a reduced form, without boat races because of severe monsoon… Continue reading