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Titanium Euphoria

Grosse Titanfunde in Kambodscha


More than 50,000 garment workers had thumbprinted statements in favour of a strike to protest against the industry’s new minimum wage. A government official, meanwhile, said unauthorised strikes would be met with legal action.

Sinnlose Polizeigewalt.

Sonntag morgen im Park gegenüber der protzigen Privatvilla von PM Hun Sen, Knapp 50 Landbesitzer aus dem Raum Battambang protestieren in einer Art Sit-in ruhig gegen das Verschachern (sprich den “offiziösen” Diebstahl oder “land grabbing”) ihres eigenen Grund und Bodens an eine nicht genannte chinesische Unternehmung im Jahre 2006.

88 Lightning Deaths

Cambodia reports 88 lightning deaths

An Impressive Collection of Brass

An Impressive Collection of Brass

Sierra Leone, Cambodia Unhappiest Countries

Sierra Leone, Cambodia unhappiest Countries

Struggle With Globalization

Cambodia’s Struggle With Globalization –

Police seize motorbikes, illegally.

Just another example of the Cambodian political patronage system.

$ 227 or $ 500 Million?

According to Cambodian National Budget, military spending in 2010 stands at $ 227 million, or 14 percent of Cambodia’s overall expenses. Mr. Cheam Yeap, chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, said the 2010 national defence budget will be $500 million. Who’s right?

Sugar Daddy.

The Cambodian Express News (CEN) reports that Prem Lisa, a new and young rising star with fair skin who likes to model daring and sexy clothes [read underwear], had recently announced that she was looking for someone to financially provide for her (i.e. a Sugar Daddy).