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Japan Heads For Cheaper Off-Shore Labor in SouthEast Asia.

Total Abenomics Fail Slams Japan Where It Hurts Most. By Wolf Richter  -  Testosterone Pit. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, was formed by merger in 2012 and that instant became… Continue reading

Thailand’s February 2 election invalid.

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the recent general election was invalid. The snap polls were an attempt by PM Yingluck to quell an ongoing political crisis. The Constitutional Court found that the… Continue reading

Thailand lifts emergency rule.

Thailand is to lift its state of emergency on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, as tensions ease after weeks long anti-government protests. Anti-government protesters want Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step down The 60-day… Continue reading

Sam Rainsy: “I’ll be a better PM than Hun Sen”.

In-depth Interview with Cambodian Opposition Leader Sam Rainsy about Hun Sen, his role as future PM, about the Cambodian political stalemate, the neighbors Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. “Peaceful change coming for Cambodia”. March 10,… Continue reading

Northern Pride – New Red Shirt Group DPVG.

Thai Government Backers as Democracy Defenders. Red-shirt supporters join a gathering in Chiang Mai – March 8, 2014. The United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) launched a new campaign to form a… Continue reading

Bangkok Shutdown – “Luis Buitton”.

Suthep Vows to Follow Yingluck Shinawatra Everywhere. Bangkok Shutdown – http://www.wochenblitz.com/nachrichten/48794

Behind a Pattern of Global Unrest.

Middle Class in Revolt in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela. For months now, protesters have gathered in the capitals of many developing nations – Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela, Malaysia, and Cambodia, among… Continue reading

Thai rice program may be the nail in the coffin for Yingluck.

Situation in Thailand worsens amid run on the bank and fresh violence. Thailand continues to spiral towards chaos. Five people were killed in protests in recent days, while a run on a bank… Continue reading

Thailand to hold re-elections in April 2014.

Thailand’s Election Commission resolved to hold elections in April at polling stations in which voting was disrupted during the advance voting day and during the Feb 2 poll. The election commission said, Advance… Continue reading

Thailand: Democrat Party, Pheu Thai Party try to mutually dissolve one another.

Thailand’s ruling Pheu Thai party is seeking to dissolve the opposition Democrat Party. This means both sides of the country’s tense political standoff are now trying to legally do away with one another.… Continue reading