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Head of Telecom Cambodia accused of corruption.

The director general of state-owned communications company Telecom Cambodia has left his position, after the announcement of an investigation into corruption allegations. Over 300 employees of the company recently protested for several days… Continue reading

Cambodia: Phnom Penh Water Supply up 48 %.

Cambodia Joins Stocks Party Cambodia tapped into the growing global interest in Southeast Asia with the start of trading in the sole stock at its gleaming new stock exchange on Wednesday. Ordinary Cambodians… Continue reading

CSX – Börse auf Kambodschanisch.

Mit grosser Verspätung soll in diesem Sommer die kambodschanische Aktienbörse CSX in Phnom Penh eröffnet werden. Start am 11.07.11? Die Büroräumlichkeiten sind bereits bezogen: im höchsten Bürogebäude der Hauptstadt, im Canadia-Tower. Der offizielle… Continue reading