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ASEAN 2015 – Doubts Over AEC.

Hopes that the ASEAN Economic Community will be ready to launch on time look increasingly ambitious. By Luke Hunt  –  April 07, 2014  -  The Diplomat. In a rare moment of honesty a Cambodian… Continue reading

Japan Heads For Cheaper Off-Shore Labor in SouthEast Asia.

Total Abenomics Fail Slams Japan Where It Hurts Most. By Wolf Richter  -  Testosterone Pit. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, was formed by merger in 2012 and that instant became… Continue reading

Which Should You Visit?

Cambodia’s Angkor versus Burma’s Bagan. By Lina Eroh Become a fan    –    Full Time Wanderer + Writer The temple complexes of Angkor and Bagan are two Southeast Asia greats. Both boast a vast… Continue reading

Southeast Asia: Reconciliation in Myanmar, Elections In Malaysia And Cambodia And Unstable Thailand.

Elections, national and political reconciliation within, Myanmar becoming the next ASEAN Chair, growing Chinese influences and the American pivot were the major issues of debate in Southeast Asia during 2013. To understand the… Continue reading

Plans for 13 new border-gates between Vietnam and Cambodia.

Vietnam plans to build new border gates along the boundary line with Cambodia to help boost trade. Vietnam and Cambodia will work out plans to add 13 new border gates over the next… Continue reading

Why China charms Cambodia.

Author: Heidi Dahles, Griffith University, Australia. Cambodia’s persistent infatuation with China was blatantly displayed on the world stage in 2012 when, as ASEAN Chair, it refused to address the territorial disputes in the… Continue reading

China And Southeast Asia.

Unbalanced Development In The Greater Mekong Sub-Region – Analysis. By Xiangming Chen and Curtis Stone - The European Financial Review Integrating with Southeast Asia is a key component of China’s multi-pronged regionalisation around its borders as… Continue reading

The Four Southeast Asia Monarchies.

Assessing the Relevance of Southeast Asia’s Monarchies Southeast Asia has four monarchies, each with its own unique traits. Brunei is an absolute monarchy, while Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia have the constitutional form. The… Continue reading

Wary of Events in China, Foreign Investors Head to Cambodia.

Tiffany & Company is quietly building a diamond-polishing factory in Cambodia, a country popularly associated more with killing fields and land mines than baubles. Some of Japan’s biggest manufacturers are also rushing to… Continue reading

Catastrophic loss of Cambodia’s tropical flooded grasslands.

Tonle Sap – New study reveals catastrophic loss of Cambodia‘s tropical flooded grasslands. Around half of Cambodia’s tropical flooded grasslands have been lost in just 10 years according to new research from the… Continue reading