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Cambodian Justice – Not same same, but very different….?

Two cases highlighting cronyism and nepotism in the “Kingdom of Wonder”. Cambodia: Court Upholds Unjust Verdict Land Rights Activist Yorm Bopha Deserves Release in Case Showing Political Interference A Cambodian court ruling upholding the conviction of a… Continue reading

Cambodia: Mam Sonando – Such are real winners!

Mam Sonando walks free. Mam Sonando was carried through  the streets by supporters.  Beehive radio owner Mam Sonando was released March 15, 2013, following the verdict by the appeals court.  Hundreds of supporters, mainly from… Continue reading

Justice in Cambodia: 13 Women Protesters go to jail.

Thirteen women protesters from Boeung Kak lake were sentenced to two and a half years in prison after a three-hour trial that was widely condemned as illegal. The women, who were arrested as… Continue reading