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Cambodia National Budget 2014.

Le Conseil des ministres approuve le budget national pour 2014 Le conseil des ministres a approuvé le projet de loi sur les finances pour la gestion de 2014 d’une valeur de 14.166.195 millions de… Continue reading

Cambodia: France, Australia, Japan Endorse Vote at Expense of Democratic Principles.

Cambodia: Back Independent Election Inquiry. Cambodia’s donors and other countries should publicly press the Cambodian government to set up an independent, internationally assisted investigation into disputed national elections in July 2013, Human Rights… Continue reading

Anonymous hackers target Cambodian government.

As thousands of opposition CNRP protesters filled the streets of Phnom Penh – Oct 23 – 25, 2013 – to demand a United Nations investigation into strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen‘s re-election, members of the Anonymous… Continue reading

Cambodia: “Kingdom of Wonder” or “Banana Republic”?

“Cambodia must choose between embracing change or forcibly cracking down on discontent and facing the consequences.” UN human rights envoy to Cambodia Surya Subedi. Prof Surya Subedi said that the return to “old… Continue reading

Just a normal Sunday in Phnom Penh?

In Contrasting Styles, Police, Opposition Prepare for Protests. With planned protests against last month’s contested national election results, the opposition CNRP and police each held separate training events in Phnom Penh. Sunday’s two… Continue reading

Cambodia Post-Election: Accident – Incident – Coincidence?

Simply an accident or an incident, but hardly a coincidence …! What you can see:  A Lexus LX 470 with the Cambodian green car plate  “National Assembly 2-028″ hit an old Banyan Tree… Continue reading

Why China charms Cambodia.

Author: Heidi Dahles, Griffith University, Australia. Cambodia’s persistent infatuation with China was blatantly displayed on the world stage in 2012 when, as ASEAN Chair, it refused to address the territorial disputes in the… Continue reading

Elevating Education for Cambodia’s Growth

April 23, 2013,  marked the 18th World Book and Copyright Day, first introduced by UNESCO in 1995, in celebration of books, authors, and the joys of reading. It’s also an occasion to reflect on… Continue reading

Cultural Investment in Cambodia very low.

Cultural Investment ‘Very Weak,’ Unesco Researcher Says. Cambodia spends only about 1.5 percent of its gross domestic product on cultural preservation, including museums and heritage sites, a Belgian researcher for Unesco told a… Continue reading

Cambodia Lacks Research.

Not enough priority is given to research in Cambodia, threatening its long-term development, economists and other experts say. Larry Strange, executive director of the Cambodian Development Research Institute, says the country cannot plan for major… Continue reading