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Migrant issue heats up in South East Asia.

Countries in Southeast Asia – Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia – come under mounting pressure from the international community to provide humane treatment to thousands of Bangladeshi and Rohingya boat people. . Thailand and… Continue reading

Biggest ever ivory trafficking in Cambodia.

Sihanoukville customs officials seized more than three tons of ivory from inside two container ships supposedly transporting beans from Malaysia. We confiscated about three tons of ivory hidden in two containers of beans… Continue reading

Behind a Pattern of Global Unrest.

Middle Class in Revolt in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela. For months now, protesters have gathered in the capitals of many developing nations – Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela, Malaysia, and Cambodia, among… Continue reading

So There!

Originally posted on Oyia Brown:
A Singaporean was on holiday in Malaysia…….. He was having his coffee, croissants, bread, butter & jam at the hotel’s coffee house. A Malaysian man who was chewing…

Asean plans 2034 World Cup bid.

The FIFA World Cup could be coming to Cambodia – although football fans may have to wait two decades to see the planet’s best players compete on Khmer soil. Cambodia could be part of an ASEAN… Continue reading

The Four Southeast Asia Monarchies.

Assessing the Relevance of Southeast Asia’s Monarchies Southeast Asia has four monarchies, each with its own unique traits. Brunei is an absolute monarchy, while Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia have the constitutional form. The… Continue reading

Asia’s Slaves.

A trade agreement allows Indonesian to come to Malaysia to work. The agreement states that Malaysian employers can hold the workers’ passports so they can’t leave. The women are promised jobs as maids… Continue reading

Malaysia – Dirty, dangerous and difficult.

Thousands of foreign workers have died in Malaysia in recent years from accidents, illnesses and suicide. They work in so-called ‘3D’ conditions – dirty, dangerous and difficult. Critics say the death rate is… Continue reading

Draconian measures.

Singapore to deport Chinese strikers. Singapore relies on hundreds of thousands of immigrants from countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh and China to work as maids, construction workers and at other jobs deemed unappealing… Continue reading

Cambodia under pressure in the South China Sea dispute.

—————————————————————— While Cambodia is preparing for the ASEAN meeting, there is a movement pushing Cambodia – which recently became the chair of ASEAN – to bring up the South China Sea dispute to… Continue reading