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Lightning kills 103 Cambodians in 2013.

Lightning strikes claimed at least 103 lives in Cambodia in 2013. An additional total of 75 people were also injured by lightning strikes last year, while 49 cows and buffaloes were killed by… Continue reading

Cambodia: Malaria kills 98, down 35 percent in 2011.

Malaria had killed 98 Cambodians in 2011, a decline of 35 percent from 151 deaths in a year earlier. Last year, some 62,690 cases of malaria had been reported, said Char Meng Chuor,… Continue reading

Cambodia: 160 lightning deaths this year to date.

In the 10 month of this year 160 Cambodian killed by lightning strike. Last year there were 114 people. Cambodian Disaster Management said lightning injured 138, killed 60 cattle and destroyed four houses.… Continue reading

88 Lightning Deaths

Cambodia reports 88 lightning deaths