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Hun Sen Calls for Law to Stop Personal Insults.

A “Hun Sen” Law to Stop Personal Insults? Prime Minister Hun Sen demands the Cambodian government to adopt a new law in time for July’s national election to sanction politicians in the country… Continue reading

Cambodia: Mandatory Internet Surveillance Cameras.

  The Cambodian government is enforcing a circular drafted earlier this year which requires Internet cafes to set up surveillance cameras and to register callers. Based on an unofficial translation made by Jinja,… Continue reading

Thailand: Bar raised on lese majeste issue.

The lese majeste law, or Section 112 of the Thai Criminal Code, will remain intact, at least for now and in the foreseeable future. Or as long as the nine political parties in… Continue reading

Cambodia: Fair Trial Rights? – Justice in Cambodia (4).

Excessive pretrial detention, low levels of legal representation and judges persistently taking personal telephone calls during hearings. These are just a few of the worrying issues that continue to plague courts of first… Continue reading

Cambodia: Civil Code enacted finally.

AFTER more than a decade of planning and revisions, Cambodia yesterday officially launched the key law governing society – the Civil Code. The Cambodian Civil Code, which runs to nine volumes, is essentially… Continue reading

Kambodscha: World Justice Project

Mehr als 66’000 Menschen und 2’000 Experten wurden in den vergangenen vier Jahren weltweit befragt, um eine Rangliste zur Situation der Rechtsstaatlichkeit in 66 Ländern zu erheben. Schlechte Noten Im Rahmen des “World… Continue reading

US-American, not Cambodian Law and Order!