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Jailed Yorm Bopha – A symbol for land grabs in Cambodia.

Jailed Yorm Bopha symbolizes a widespread problem in Cambodia – land grabs. Residents of a Phnom Penh neighborhood have had their land taken away by the government. Protesters like Yorm Bopha, a young… Continue reading

Cambodia: Supreme Court Keeps Activist Jailed.

The Cambodian Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the trumped-up imprisonment of a land-rights activist should prompt Cambodia’s donors to demand her unconditional release.   On March 27, 2013, the Cambodian Supreme Court denied… Continue reading

Cambodia: Girl killed during violent eviction.

Security forces fatally shot a teenage girl Wednesday during a clash with villagers armed with axes and crossbows in eastern Cambodia, in the latest of several violent evictions aimed at clearing land for… Continue reading