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The Great Southeast Asian Land Grab

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By John Cherry, THE DEPLOMAT, August 08, 2013 Disputes over land tenure threaten social harmony in a number of ASEAN countries. Conflict over land tenure in Southeast Asia’s rural…

Cambodia: Rainsy Says Those Behind Boeng Kak Deserve Jail.

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By Aun Pheap And Zsombor Peter, The Cambodia Daily, Aug 06, 2013

Deutsche Bank and World Bank financing land grabs in Cambodia?

Deutsche Bank and IFC accused of bankrolling Vietnam firms’ land grabs in Cambodia and Laos. Two Vietnamese firms bankrolled by Deutsche Bank and the International Finance Corporation – the World Bank’s private lending… Continue reading

Phnom Penh: Cambodia’s Crackdown on Land Grab Protests.

At least 400,000 people are affected by increasingly common land disputes in Cambodia. Now the government has decided to crack down on protests against land grabs by arresting anyone who is caught organizing… Continue reading

Cambodia: 60’000 evicted in 2011 alone.