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Cambodia – Danger on Mekong!

Researchers estimate that over 40% of Cambodia’s voting population is comprised of Vietnamese migrants who have been awarded citizenship and voting rights by Vietnam’s puppet — Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. As part of… Continue reading

Cambodian Justice: 13 Boeung Kak Women Released, but still Convicted.

Cambodia: Release of 13 women a victory for their community. Today’s decision by Cambodia’s Appeal Court to release 13 women imprisoned for peacefully protesting against a forced eviction is a victory for their… Continue reading

Phnom Penh: Boeung Kak Was A Lake.

Stark images of Boeung Kak’s changing landscape. Jean-Francois Perigois’s photos depict Boeung Kak lake’s lingering residents against a rapidly changing landscape. Photograph: Jean-Francois Perigois. The contentious dispute over the residents displaced from Phnom… Continue reading