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Cambodia: Growing Social Unrest over Forced Evictions.

Over the past year, tens of thousands of Cambodians have been forcibly evicted from their homes in the name of development. The policy, implemented as this late-blooming Southeast Asian country embarks on economic… Continue reading

Phnom Penh: Cambodia’s Crackdown on Land Grab Protests.

At least 400,000 people are affected by increasingly common land disputes in Cambodia. Now the government has decided to crack down on protests against land grabs by arresting anyone who is caught organizing… Continue reading

Justice in Cambodia: 13 Women Protesters go to jail.

Thirteen women protesters from Boeung Kak lake were sentenced to two and a half years in prison after a three-hour trial that was widely condemned as illegal. The women, who were arrested as… Continue reading

Human Rights Mapping in Cambodia.

Human rights advocates in Cambodia have been using online maps to document, monitor, and expose human rights violations across the country. Sithi or the Cambodia Human Rights Portal has a Violation Map which… Continue reading