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A story about Cambodia.

If you want to understand what’s happening right now in Cambodia? Keo Chan will tell you about it, simply, with pictures. Dear everyone, I’m gonna take a short break from Doctor Who gifs and… Continue reading

Arranged Marriage In Cambodia.

Do you support arranged marriage? We see more and more divorces in our society. Is it good for Cambodian young generation to keep practicing this tradition? In Cambodia, most of the parents arrange… Continue reading

Google Translate supports Khmer Language.

Google Translate gains support for its 66th language: Cambodia’s Khmer. Google Translate now supports Khmer What better way to start Cambodian new year than with the addition of the Khmer language to Google… Continue reading

When exactly will start the Khmer New Year 2013?

According to the annual almanac distributed by the Cambodian Ministry of Cults and Religions, the Khmer New Year 2013 will begin precisely 2.12 am, on Sunday April 14, 2013. Exactly in this moment the New Year’s angel… Continue reading

Young Cambodians losing mother tongue.

When writing in foreign languages such as English, French or Chinese, Cambodians pay careful attention to grammar and phrasing. Some even carry a dictionary with them and constantly refer to it. But when… Continue reading

AI-Slum Stories in Cambodia.

In 2010 and 2011 film director Chris Kelly produced five short documentaries for Amnesty International about the lives of people coping with the consequences of forced evictions in Cambodia.    Read more: Amnesty… Continue reading

Are You Khmer?

How to explain typical Cambodian behavior and thinking. There is more than one way to tell to your foreign, barang friends. • You’re Khmer if you still can’t tell the difference between a… Continue reading

Cambodia: PHANIMEX and SUKAKHU – “Enemies of the Khmer People”.

Land grabbing and forced eviction is on the daily agenda in Cambodia. FOLLOWING BOREI KEILA INCIDENTS, PHANIMEX IS DECLARED “ENEMY OF THE KHMER PEOPLE” On behalf of the justice-loving Cambodian people and in… Continue reading

Cambodia: 2nd Anniversary of livinginpp.wordpress.com

Today, two years ago, I have started to write my blog about Phnom Penh and the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia. This post is my 936th within this two years in SEA. Start in… Continue reading

Cambodia: Human Rights Violations in the Kingdom of Wonders.

A pictorial depiction of human rights violations in Cambodia. See oppressed and impoverished citizens protest against police forces in the streets of Cambodia, while Khmer leaders live a luxurious life. Compiled and presented… Continue reading