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New Book – “Hun Sen’s Cambodia”.

Hun Sen’s Cambodia by Sebastian Strangio  -  Coming in November 25, 2014. To many in the West, the name Cambodia still conjures up indelible images of destruction and death, the legacy of the… Continue reading

Cambodia – A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing.

David Puttnam, once a brilliant filmmaker, now a member of the British House of Lords, best known for producing the amazing movie of Khmer Rouge terror, “The Killing Fields,” stunned journalists, some diplomats,… Continue reading

Cambodia’s opposition leader plays the racist card.

Cambodia has been ruled for nearly 25 years by Hun Sen. His biggest rival is Sam Rainsy, who, in his struggle for power, has made use of widespread racism toward the Vietnamese. “We… Continue reading

Cambodia’s Violent Peace.

Cambodia’s government has got away with murder. Not the kind of genocidal slaughter conducted by the Khmer Rouge in the 1970’s. Nor the scale of killing that has roiled Syria, or that has… Continue reading

Cambodia Headlines: Khmer Rouge – Flood toll – Post-election unrest.

Life sentence sought for Cambodia leaders over 1970 Khmer Rouge atrocities.     (Pakistan Daily Times) Prosecutors at Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge court demanded the largest possible sentence of life imprisonment for two former top regime leaders on… Continue reading

Cambodia: Sliding toward a ‘jasmine spring’?

Tanks and Sam Rainsy arrived in Cambodia. Rainsy arrived from the US, where he was attending his daughter’s wedding and drumming up support for his Cambodian National Rescue Party’s (CNRP) call for an… Continue reading

Pen Sovann – Former Cambodian PM Returns to Politics.

After decades in the political wilderness, former Cambodian prime minister Pen Sovann will make his political comeback in late September 2013 when the National Assembly sits. He’ll be seated opposite politicians. By Luke Hunt, ASIAWATCH… Continue reading

Cambodia Elections – Were the Pessimists Right?

Originally posted on Cambodia Elections 2013:
Twenty years after Cambodia’s first election, were the pessimists right? . By Allison Smith . Election frenzy is at full pitch in Cambodia. The election is on July 28,…

Cambodia – The lost city Mahendraparvata.

Scratched and exhausted, Damian Evans pushed through the dense Cambodian jungle into a clearing where mountain villagers long ago attempted to grow rice, stepping onto a weed-covered mound. “Bingo”, the Australian archaeologist said… Continue reading

Cambodge: manif contre la négation des crimes des Khmers rouges.

Environ 10.000 personnes ont manifesté, dimanche 9 juin 2013, à Phnom Penh contre un député de l’opposition CNRP, Kem Sokha, accusé d’avoir remis en cause l’existence d’une sinistre prison du régime des Khmers rouges,… Continue reading