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Google Translate supports Khmer Language.

Google Translate gains support for its 66th language: Cambodia’s Khmer. Google Translate now supports Khmer What better way to start Cambodian new year than with the addition of the Khmer language to Google… Continue reading

In Austria, Small Cambodian Population Keeps Its Identity.

In Austria, Cambodians who were forced to flee their country still find ways to maintain their identity, though some here say that can be difficult. In this European country, Cambodians keep up with… Continue reading

Wikipedia – ‘Free – as in free beer and free knowledge”.

Free Wikipedia pleases fans and business alike. ‘Free – as in free beer and free knowledge”, is how the Wikimedia Foundation describes the two gratis and libre philosophies that guide their most famous… Continue reading

Young Cambodians losing mother tongue.

When writing in foreign languages such as English, French or Chinese, Cambodians pay careful attention to grammar and phrasing. Some even carry a dictionary with them and constantly refer to it. But when… Continue reading

Cambodia: Mozilla Firefox in Khmer.

Mozilla Firefox to Launch First Khmer Language Web Browser. Mozilla Firefox, one of the world’s most widely used Internet browsers will officially launch the first-ever Khmer-language browser by mid-march 2012. The browser is… Continue reading

Cambodia: 2nd Anniversary of livinginpp.wordpress.com

Today, two years ago, I have started to write my blog about Phnom Penh and the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia. This post is my 936th within this two years in SEA. Start in… Continue reading

Cambodia: Revival of Boaktor – Ancient Cambodian Martial Art.

Bokator/Boxkator, or more formally, Labokator (to fight (like a) lion) is a Khmer martial art. Bokator may be a predecessor of southeast Asian kick-boxing styles. History indicates that Bokator or an early form … Continue reading

Kampot Pfeffer – Eine Erfolgsgeschichte.

In der soeben zu Ende gegangenen Erntezeit sind gegen 15 Tonnen des raren Pfeffers aus Kampot geerntet worden. . König des Pfeffers. Der kambodschanische Pfeffer aus Kampot gilt als der König unter den… Continue reading

Tourismus boomt – trotz Grenzkonflikt!

In den ersten drei Monaten des laufenden Jahres 2011 stiegen die Touristenzahlen um fast 14 Prozent. Und das trotz des immer wieder aufflammenden Grenzkonfliktes zwischen Thailand und Kambodscha. 780’000 Touristen besuchten im Zeitraum… Continue reading

Cock, Tails in “I Ta Lian”-Restaurant?

Englisch ist für die meisten Khmer eine Sprache, die sie kaum oder gar nicht sprechen. Und so begegnet man in Kambodscha immer wieder ganz originellen Wortschöpfung, vor allem in der Kennzeichnung und Werbung.… Continue reading