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Ranariddh’s return to politics – A ruse of Hun Sen?

Cambodian Prince Norodom Ranariddh announced his return to politics amid speculation that he is brought back by PM Hun Sen. . Ranariddh, son of the late King Norodom Sihanouk and half-brother of the… Continue reading

Cambodia – A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing.

David Puttnam, once a brilliant filmmaker, now a member of the British House of Lords, best known for producing the amazing movie of Khmer Rouge terror, “The Killing Fields,” stunned journalists, some diplomats,… Continue reading

Sam Rainsy: “I’ll be a better PM than Hun Sen”.

In-depth Interview with Cambodian Opposition Leader Sam Rainsy about Hun Sen, his role as future PM, about the Cambodian political stalemate, the neighbors Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. “Peaceful change coming for Cambodia”. March 10,… Continue reading

Cambodia’s opposition leader plays the racist card.

Cambodia has been ruled for nearly 25 years by Hun Sen. His biggest rival is Sam Rainsy, who, in his struggle for power, has made use of widespread racism toward the Vietnamese. “We… Continue reading

Cambodia – Ranariddh to return or not to return?

Cambodian Prince Norodom Ranariddh, a son of the late King Norodom Sihanouk, has decided to return to politics. The new party’s name: “The Community of Royalist People’s Party”. With his new party, the prince plans to… Continue reading

Cambodia’s Violent Peace.

Cambodia’s government has got away with murder. Not the kind of genocidal slaughter conducted by the Khmer Rouge in the 1970’s. Nor the scale of killing that has roiled Syria, or that has… Continue reading

Cambodia asylum – A sad Aussie joke.

Australia asks Cambodia to take asylum seekers amid violent crackdown. The Australian government wants to send some asylum seekers to Cambodia, at a time when the country’s strongman prime minister, Hun Sen, is… Continue reading

Cambodia – Quo vadis political stalemate?

More than half a year after the Cambodian National Election (July 28 2013), the gap between the ruling Cambodian People’s Party and the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party is still very large. May… Continue reading

Cambodian army vows to defend the Hun Sen government.

The Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) reiterated its strong commitment to protecting Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government as the country’s main opposition party continue boycotting parliament since the July’s election. “The RCAF vows… Continue reading

Cambodia stalemate – Hun Sen issues ‘crackdown’ threat.

Prime Minister Hun Sen warned opposition leaders not to hold Cambodia hostage for political benefit, or risk facing a swift government crackdown. “Do not try to put this country hostage for bargaining your… Continue reading