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South Korea urged Cambodia’s military to crack down on protesters

Five dead garment workers as collateral damage? As workers who stitch for Western brands demand a livable wage, South Korea urged Cambodian forces to protect corporate interests. Conspiracy theorists often accuse rich countries… Continue reading

Cambodia Headlines – January 6, 2014.

Five activists arrested outside embassy Five Boeung Kak lake activists were arrested outside the French Embassy by plain-clothed and uniformed police officers this morning as they petitioned for the release of fellow activists… Continue reading

Garment industry – Cambodia fights to maintain competitive outsourcing edge

Cambodia’s garment industry has long had a cost advantage over its competitors: paying some of the lowest wages in the world. But the country is currently fighting to maintain its competitive outsourcing edge while… Continue reading

Garment Firms shifting from China to Cambodia.

Abundant supply of labor coupled with preferential market access to several markets is making the Southeast Asian nation of Cambodia one of the preferred alternatives for garment companies wishing to shift their manufacturing… Continue reading