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European Union Youth Unemployment 2013.

Read more: The Daily Bell

One world after all – Elites’ strange plot to take over the world.

An editorial by Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell – News and Analysis. An article in Salon was recently brought to our attention by Hugo, a feedbacker. It is entitled “Elites’ strange plot to take over… Continue reading

EU Parliament and Cambodia National Election 2013 stalemate.

85 Members of the European Parliament from the Liberal Group (ALDE) call for an investigation into Cambodia’s recent elections to find out the truth and make sure the respect of the people’s will.  … Continue reading

Higher cases of Paratyphoid A fever in travelers from Cambodia.

Dozens of returning travelers from Cambodia to Europe reported positive for Paratyphoid A fever. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is reporting a higher than usual number of cases of Paratyphoid A fever in… Continue reading

Federal Europe Coming Soon?!

Former Maoist revolutionary and current European Commission President José Manuel Barroso declared this week that a federal Europe ruled by the European Union from Brussels would be a “reality within a few years.” Furious… Continue reading

EU bureaucrats in the pay of mega-corporations and genetic engineering giants.

EU Targets Seeds and Gardeners; Critics Lash Out. As part of the seemingly never-ending drive to expand and centralize its own coercive power, the controversial European Union in Brussels is now targeting seeds… Continue reading

Cambodian garments begin to fray.

If Cambodia is anything to go by, physical size and a population of just 15 million are immaterial when it comes to building a successful garment industry. But as a series of strikes were… Continue reading

Legitimacy of Hun Sen regime questioned.

Legitimacy of Hun Sen regime questioned at the European Parliament Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Josef Weidenholzer has recently sent the following question on Cambodia to Lady Catherine Ashton, the High Representative… Continue reading

KR Tribunal: Les interprètes en grève.

KHMERS ROUGES – Les interprètes du Tribunal cessent le travail pour réclamer leur salaire. Traducteurs et interprètes des Chambres extraordinaires ont annoncé aujourd’hui au juge qui présidait l’audience qu’ils suspendaient leur activité. En… Continue reading