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Zaha Hadid reveals the design of Cambodia’s Genocide Museum.

After one year design work, Zaha Hadid and her team presented the design of the long-awaited new institute for the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) – the country’s largest repository of information relating to… Continue reading

Cambodia – Democracy in Retreat.

Democratization in Cambodia in retreat following violent year 2013. BY LAUREN CROTHERS | APRIL 9, 2014  –  The Cambodia Daily. Democracy is in retreat since July’s 2013 national election as the ruling CPP has increasingly… Continue reading

Cambodia – A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing.

David Puttnam, once a brilliant filmmaker, now a member of the British House of Lords, best known for producing the amazing movie of Khmer Rouge terror, “The Killing Fields,” stunned journalists, some diplomats,… Continue reading

Cambodia Headlines January 10, 2013.

Japan Asked Government to Protect Its Interests During Strike. Japan has expressed its deep concern about the situation in Cambodia following the deadly crackdown on striking garment workers last Friday, and admitted Thursday… Continue reading

Cambodian secrets and lies of Somaly Mam & Co.

Sex slave story revealed to be fabricated. Meas Ratha was a teenager when she appeared on French TV telling a tragic tale of how she was sold to a brothel in Phnom Penh and… Continue reading

Floods in Cambodia: Over 100 dead, more than 20,000 families displaced.

The Cambodian Red Cross gets criticized over its slow response to floods. At least 104 people have died in the Khmer Kingdom in recent floods caused by heavy rains and overflowing Mekong river. Floods… Continue reading

Cambodia flooding early October 2013 – A Picture Gallery.

With a special thank to Roger Valkenborghs, Siem Reap. FB-Video-clip: http://fb.com/worldsharekh Update October 7, 2013. . Cambodia: Floods claim 39 lives; Crops, hundreds of schools damaged. The death toll from flooding across the… Continue reading

Flooding in Cambodia – Pics of the day.

Mekong River Flooding Threatens Parts Of Phnom Penh The death toll caused by severe flooding along the Mekong River increased by eight, bringing the total number of deaths over the past two weeks… Continue reading

Cambodia: “Kingdom of Wonder” or “Banana Republic”?

“Cambodia must choose between embracing change or forcibly cracking down on discontent and facing the consequences.” UN human rights envoy to Cambodia Surya Subedi. Prof Surya Subedi said that the return to “old… Continue reading

Cambodia – The political fight continues in a next round.

The verbal clashes after the Cambodian National Assembly election in the country the Khmer have become sharper again. The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) and Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) have had two meetings earlier… Continue reading