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Vietnam – China Completes Drilling Oil Well in Disputed Waters.

The Chinese government claimed that a controversial oil rig located in waters disputed with Vietnam, has completed drilling. The $1 billion deepwater rig was deployed last year amid cries of outrage from the Vietnamese government. Haiyang  Shiyou… Continue reading

Bangkok Bombs – A lot of questions!

Thailand is notorious for civil unrest, but the latest deadly attack in the capital is new in its kind. It will take time to uncover the truth behind the Bangkok bombings; historical patterns… Continue reading

South China Sea: “Reclamation” is not “Construction”.

China said its island-building spree has stopped. Foreign minister Wang Yi announced that China’s land reclamation projects in the South China Sea are on hold. He urged critics to “just take an airplane… Continue reading

Thailand Draws Ire Over Deportation of Uighurs to China.

Thailand’s military government confirmed the deportation of more than 100 ethnic Uighur people from western Xinjiang province back to China, a move condemned by rights groups and the United Nations. The deportation followed… Continue reading

Australian (US backed) provocation in the South China Sea?

The Australian government is considering conducting its own ‘freedom of navigation’ exercises near artificial islands built by China in disputed territory in the South China Sea. This planned Australian Navy exercise is formally… Continue reading

The South China Sea Conundrum.

Beijing is engaged in reclamation work in nine artificial islands in the South China Sea. Beijing claims “undisputed” sovereignty over at least 80% of the South China Sea. It’s not only about at… Continue reading

Accounts from Rohingya Boat People.

Denial of Rights in Burma, Bangladesh Lead to Trafficking and Dangerous Sea Voyages. Rohingya and other survivors of dangerous boat migrations from Burma and Bangladesh describe horrific treatment by unscrupulous smugglers and traffickers in… Continue reading

China – New lighthouses in South China Sea.

China has held a groundbreaking ceremony for two lighthouses in internationally disputed waters in the South China Sea. The two lighthouses will be constructed on Huayang Reef and Chigua Reef in the disputed Spratly… Continue reading

May 22, 2015 – First Anniversary of Thai Military Junta Coup.

Was the Thai Military coup pre-planned or provoked by the situation? As the Kindom of Thailand marks the first anniversary of the coup, witnesses are recounting what happened inside the Army Club on… Continue reading

South China Sea: Is America About to Make a Fatal Mistake?

An already tense and dangerous situation in the South China Sea threatened to become even worse. The United States is considering plans to initiate systematic military patrols with ships and planes in that… Continue reading