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Vietnam cyber army hacks pro-democracy activists.

Vietnamese activists and analysts say a shadowy, pro-government cyber army is blocking, hacking and spying on activists around the world to hamper the country’s pro-democracy movement. IT experts who investigated the 2014 attack… Continue reading

Twitter IPO – Madness newly defined.

Twitter Surges in Trading Debut After $1.82 Billion Share Sale. Twitter Inc. jumped 73 percent in its trading début, as investors paid a premium for its promises of fast growth. The stock rose… Continue reading

China and the forthcoming death of the Dollar.

The global move away from the U.S. dollar is slow but steady. At some point, some trigger event will likely cause it to become a stampede. Today, the U.S. dollar is still king… Continue reading

Poland, NATO, and the Return of History

Originally posted on The XX Committee:
After years of presuming that all significant activities by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would be “out of area,” big changes are afoot as key Alliance…

Merkel’s “real” cell phone is secure.

Originally posted on The XX Committee:
As Germany’s “Handygate” has become a mass phenomenon bordering on hysteria, one of the strangest aspects has been the fact, which I’ve noted previously, that Chancellor Angela…

One world after all – Elites’ strange plot to take over the world.

An editorial by Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell – News and Analysis. An article in Salon was recently brought to our attention by Hugo, a feedbacker. It is entitled “Elites’ strange plot to take over… Continue reading

The ghost and the machine.

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:
The ghost and the machine ~a short story~ by Jon Rappoport October 23, 2013 On a fall day in 2043, in a little town called…

Climate change reconsidered.

The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, or NIPCC is an international panel of scientists and scholars who came together to understand the causes and consequences of climate change. NIPCC has no formal attachment… Continue reading

Cambodian secrets and lies of Somaly Mam & Co.

Sex slave story revealed to be fabricated. Meas Ratha was a teenager when she appeared on French TV telling a tragic tale of how she was sold to a brothel in Phnom Penh and… Continue reading

Nobel Peace Prize – A Propaganda Prize?

Nobel Prize Part of West’s Propaganda Fog. The Nobel Peace Prize should be renamed the Nobel Propaganda Prize, after this year’s ever-so contrived award to the UN approved chemical weapons team sent to… Continue reading