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Beyond Cambodia’s garment protests – Background video.

Can Cambodian factory strikes change a country ruled by the same man for three decades? Source: AlJazeeraEnglish

Stormy Mekong Morning.

World Habitat Day 2013 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Police smash symbolic habitat at World Habitat Day in Cambodia. Cambodian police smash a small replica of a house that people carried during the World Habitat Day gathering in Phnom Penh on Oct.… Continue reading

Phnom Penh’s top 30 dining deals for budget gourmands.

Step by step, Phnom Penh is changing into a city for foodies. You just have to know where to look. Whether you’re an adventurous diner, a fried food fanatic, or a pauper with… Continue reading

Phnom Penh – The Rainy Season has started.

Even for a brand new luxury car the street 51 (Rue Pasteur) is flooded after the first real heavy thunderstorm of the wet season in Phnom Penh, early evening April 27, 2013.  

2000 Protesting for NEC Reform.

Read more: Cambodian opposition rally for leader’s return Pakistan Daily Times‎ PHNOM PENH: About 2,000 Cambodian opposition supporters rallied Wednesday to demand election reforms and guarantees their leader Sam Rainsy can return… Continue reading

Plight of Cambodia’s Newly Landless.

Photo Exhibit in Washington Highlights Plight of Cambodia’s Newly Landless.   A new exhibition of photography that displays the effects of land grabs in Cambodia is now on display in Washington. “Cambodia: Losing… Continue reading

Phnom Penh – Old and New Monuments.

Daily Direct Bangkok-Cambodia buses launched.

Buses link Thai and Cambodian capitals. The first buses directly connecting Thailand and Cambodia left Bangkok on Thursday, headed for Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, with the launch of a regular service to… Continue reading

Phnom Penh Population: 1,329,913.

The city hall said Phnom Penh‘s population of 1,329,913 people included about 16,000 registered foreigners. But around 100,000 residents of Phnom Penh live in temporary buildings. More than 100,000 residents of the capital were living… Continue reading