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Cambodia: Chinese-made Dam collapsed.

The Chinese-made Stung Atay dam in Cambodia collapses while under construction. The collapse of the dam in Western Cambodia  is likely due to leak created by an excess of water in an under-construction… Continue reading

Cambodian Villages File OECD Complaint – David versus Goliath.

Cambodians File Complaint With U.S. Government Against Domino Sugar Parent: “David versus Goliath”- case is now before U.S. Government as villagers file OECD complaint against purchaser of sugar central to controversial, long-running illegal… Continue reading

Chutt Wutty – The murder that shocked even Cambodia.

An Investigative Report by Bangkok Post. In Cambodia, the murder of a high-profile environmentalist has sent shockwaves around a country which has never shaken-off its reputation for violence, corruption and a culture of… Continue reading

Cambodia: Bus accident in Koh Kong Province – 1 dead, 46 injured.

A bus crash in Cambodia has killed a Russian woman and left dozens of people injured, including 40 other Western tourists. A 22-year-old Russian woman was killed and 24 people left in critical… Continue reading

Cambodia: Illegal Logging in the Wild West?

Illegal logging of staggering proportions abetted by military personnel. This illegal logging is decimating stocks of luxury rosewood in the Central Cardamom Protected Forest (CCPF), while the conservation group tasked with protecting the… Continue reading

Cambodia lures Estate Investors to Koh Kong Province.

Cambodia is developing its Koh Kong province, adjacent to Thailand‘s Trat province, The Kingdom attracts investors as industrial estates in central Thailand are flooded. Koh Kong Special Economic Zone. Cambodia opened the industrial… Continue reading

Cambodia: Koh Kong, the Wild West of the Kingdom of Wonder.

For months Ly Yong Phat, aka “King of Koh Kong“, illegally dug sand from the river Tatai. In these days one of  his excavators have paralyzed the power supply to the province capital.… Continue reading

Die Blogs des Nomaden

Nomade51 ist auf den Tag genau ein Jahr in Südostasien unterwegs. Zu Beginn war mein Weg durch Indochina gedanklich als ein nomadisierendes Reisen durch Vietnam, Laos und Kambodscha ausgelegt, begleitet von gelegentlichen Berichten… Continue reading

Titanium Euphoria

Grosse Titanfunde in Kambodscha

Hyundai Assembling

Production of the first cars and vans to be assembled in Cambodia for domestic sale is set to begin at the US$62 million Hyundai plant in Koh Kong province this September. Hyundais would be the first automobiles to be mass produced and marketed in the Kingdom.