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Photo for Friday, 6th June

Kampot Town with Bokor Mountain.

Southeast Asia tourism in the limbo.

Riots in Vietnam and Cambodia, a missing Malaysian plane, and martial law in Thailand are wrecking Southeast Asia’s tourism sector. The past few years have been booming for tourism in southeast Asia. Newly affluent tourists from… Continue reading

Cambodia’s Southern Coast in Time-lapse.

This is a collection of time-lapses from the Cambodian Coast: Kep, Kampot and Kampong Som. See more time-lapse videos: PHNOM PENH CITY TIMELAPSE. ( PHNOM PENH SEEN WITH DIFFERENT EYES.  (

Kampot – Tropical Monsoon Rain.


Early Morning in Kampot Town, Cambodia.

Colonial Kampot.

1963 or 2013?   The time seems to have truly stopped in southern Cambodia – Picture taken in Kampot City, Old Market Street, Sep 5, 2013 – 5.23 pm

Murdered in Cambodia.

The Cambodian Police between corruption, dilettantism and protecting the influential. Cambodian police are having a torrid time lately. Murdered foreigners are turning up at an alarming rate and the authorities are struggling to catch… Continue reading

Kampot’s New Bridge in the December Morning Lights.


The November Full Moon……

…….sets sleep behind the Bokor mountains.

Nia!k so!k-sah-bahy jia dteh?

Nia!k so!k-sah-bahy jia dteh?