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Vietnam and China escalation in South China Sea.

China and Vietnam Engage in Water-Cannon Fighting and Water-Cannon Fighting in South China Sea With most eyes on Ukraine-Russia and China-Japan battles, let’s shift the spotlight to the new global hotspot, an intensifying feud between… Continue reading

Cambodia – Economic Land Concessions by Country.

Go to:  Interactive Map Related articles: Forced land evictions in Cambodia – “Evict them in 5 easy steps!” (

Map: Super-Typhoon Usagi’s Way Into South East Asia

Read more: Super Typhoon Usagi Heads for Taiwan and Hong Kong. (wfoster2011) Related articles: Super Typhoon Usagi strongest storm in 2013 ( VIDEO: Asia braced for Typhoon Usagi ( Super Typhoon Usagi threatens Taiwan,… Continue reading

Cambodia is the 2nd largest exporter of bicycles to the EU – after Taiwan.

The import flow of bicycles (excluding e-bikes) into the European Union is changing rapidly between countries. Currently Cambodia is the second largest exporter of bicycles to the European Union after Taiwan. The Kingdom’s… Continue reading

Thailand: The Evolving Conflict In The South.

After a decade of violence, the capabilities of Malay-Muslim insurgents in Thailand’s Deep South are outpacing the countermeasures of successive governments in Bangkok that have been mired in complacency and protracted national-level political… Continue reading

Do Cambodia’s arrivals really improve?

Tourist statistics in August showed arrivals from Laos to Cambodia almost doubled, while arrivals from Thailand continued to grow but at a much slower rate. Cambodia’s Statistics and Tourist Information Department, Ministry of… Continue reading

The Name is the Game.

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