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Vietnam and China escalation in South China Sea.

China and Vietnam Engage in Water-Cannon Fighting and Water-Cannon Fighting in South China Sea With most eyes on Ukraine-Russia and China-Japan battles, let’s shift the spotlight to the new global hotspot, an intensifying feud between… Continue reading

Japan Heads For Cheaper Off-Shore Labor in SouthEast Asia.

Total Abenomics Fail Slams Japan Where It Hurts Most. By Wolf Richter  –  Testosterone Pit. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, was formed by merger in 2012 and that instant became… Continue reading

Traditional costumes Southeast Asian countries.

Below are the traditional dresses of the ten countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). See all costumes >>

Starting a business in Cambodia gets even more difficult.

Cambodia is ranked 184 out of 189 countries for starting a new business in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2014 report. The report ranks countries in 10 categories, including starting a business, dealing with construction… Continue reading

Map: Super-Typhoon Usagi’s Way Into South East Asia

Read more: Super Typhoon Usagi Heads for Taiwan and Hong Kong. (wfoster2011) Related articles: Super Typhoon Usagi strongest storm in 2013 ( VIDEO: Asia braced for Typhoon Usagi ( Super Typhoon Usagi threatens Taiwan,… Continue reading

Asean agrees on South China Sea

Southeast Asian foreign ministers on Wednesday agreed to a code of conduct for the South China Sea, where territorial disputes have raised tensions with Beijing. Of the 10 nations in the Association of… Continue reading

Asean plans 2034 World Cup bid.

The FIFA World Cup could be coming to Cambodia – although football fans may have to wait two decades to see the planet’s best players compete on Khmer soil. Cambodia could be part of an ASEAN… Continue reading

Thailand: Increase of Eastern European Tourists.

Thailand sees influx of visitors from Eastern Europe. But not every one is happy, especially in Phuket. Over 1.6 million Eastern European tourists landed in Thailand in 2012, 82 per cent from Russia, according to a… Continue reading

SEA: US aircraft carrier cruises disputed Asian seas.

And again a new game starts with the fire of the Cold War. By CHRIS BRUMMITT – Associated Press 10/20/2012  –  ON BOARD THE USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. aircraft carrier… Continue reading

Do Cambodia’s arrivals really improve?

Tourist statistics in August showed arrivals from Laos to Cambodia almost doubled, while arrivals from Thailand continued to grow but at a much slower rate. Cambodia’s Statistics and Tourist Information Department, Ministry of… Continue reading