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Traditional costumes Southeast Asian countries.

Below are the traditional dresses of the ten countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). See all costumes >>

ASEAN – First joint military exercises in 2015.

ASEAN military chiefs plan Malacca Strait exercise. The defense forces of the 10 member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) plan to undertake a joint maritime security exercise in the… Continue reading

Behind a Pattern of Global Unrest.

Middle Class in Revolt in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela. For months now, protesters have gathered in the capitals of many developing nations – Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela, Malaysia, and Cambodia, among… Continue reading

So There!

Originally posted on Oyia Brown:
A Singaporean was on holiday in Malaysia…….. He was having his coffee, croissants, bread, butter & jam at the hotel’s coffee house. A Malaysian man who was chewing…

China’s speed railway arriving in Laos.

China’s mammoth engineering project to construct a railway from southwest China’s Yunnan Province all the way to Singapore is set to transform rural Laos. Beijing has long dreamed of a high-speed railway connecting… Continue reading

Thailand – South violence orphans 7,000.

More than 7,000 children in the far South of Thailand have been orphaned by militant violence during the region’s 10-year insurgency. Wankanok Poritaedao, chairwoman of the Luk Riang group, an association of children… Continue reading

Thailand’s southern insurgency turns up the heat.

While all eyes are on Bangkok’s intense, domestic political contest, two shocking Thai insurgent attacks in mid-December 2013 slipped through the news causing little alarm. The bombing of southern Songkhla province and the attempted… Continue reading

Starting a business in Cambodia gets even more difficult.

Cambodia is ranked 184 out of 189 countries for starting a new business in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2014 report. The report ranks countries in 10 categories, including starting a business, dealing with construction… Continue reading

Cambodia – Economic Land Concessions by Country.

Go to:  Interactive Map Related articles: Forced land evictions in Cambodia – “Evict them in 5 easy steps!” (

South death toll: 5,235 and counting…….

A fictive dialogue between a Muslim with a Buddhist: both shot dead in one of the many bloody conflicts in the world. A total of 5,235 people lost their lives and 9,704 were injured… Continue reading