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Bangkok Bombs – A lot of questions!

Thailand is notorious for civil unrest, but the latest deadly attack in the capital is new in its kind. It will take time to uncover the truth behind the Bangkok bombings; historical patterns… Continue reading

South China Sea: “Reclamation” is not “Construction”.

China said its island-building spree has stopped. Foreign minister Wang Yi announced that China’s land reclamation projects in the South China Sea are on hold. He urged critics to “just take an airplane… Continue reading

This place is one of the exciting, bright spots in the world.

Hanoi, Vietnam –  July 17, 2015. As Europe burns, Puerto Rico sinks, and China violently gyrates, it’s nice to know there are still some exciting bright spots of growth in the world. Vietnam is… Continue reading

Vietnam’s Export Outlook 2015 – 2030.

Clothing & apparel are expected to remain Vietnam’s top export item in the foreseeable future. They will contribute almost 20 percent of the projected growth in total merchandise exports in 2030, according to an… Continue reading

Phnom Penh, March 19, 2015, 11.14 am

Myanmar Strives for Unity.

Myanmar sits at the strategic junction between China, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent – the site of the ancient Southern Silk Road.   Under British rule, the country was known as the… Continue reading

Phnom Penh – Two kind of power towers…

Spratly Islands new Chinese military base.

China Has Built a New Base on Top of a Coral Reef. A tropical coral reef has been transformed by the Chinese military into a base that could host a 3,000-meter long airstrip… Continue reading

ASEAN – $20 Billion from China!

China cozies up to ASEAN with $20 billion in loans. By AFP  –  The Economic Times China offered $20 billion in loans and floated the possibility of a “friendship treaty” with Southeast Asian nations,… Continue reading

Khmer King Norodom Sihamoni – A dancer, a puppet, a prisoner of the palace?

Monarch Wears a Hollow Crown in a Kafkaesque Kingdom. BY SOVANNARITH KEO | NOVEMBER 12, 2014  –  The Cambodia Daily. If Jayavarman VII is known among Cambodians and the rest of the world… Continue reading