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The Critical Bay of Bengal.

The Bay of Bengal is a single world of Indian migration throughout maritime Southeast Asia. By Robert D. Kaplan    STRATFOR Amitav Ghosh is, to my mind the most brilliant, serious fiction writer… Continue reading

India plans to supply Vietnam BrahMos missiles.

Ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s maiden visit to India, New Delhi sent out a strong message about its desire to play a greater role in regional security in South-East Asia, making public… Continue reading

Vulgarizing Angkor.

Why heritage must not be turned into digital commodities. By Rahul Goswami – 12 April 2014 –   To what extent can cultural heritage be digitised and commodified? In a clumsy partnership, clearly not… Continue reading

Separating Fact from Fiction about Myanmar’s Rohingya.

The Rakhine State in western Myanmar has been the site of repeated outbreaks of violence between the Buddhists majority and its Muslim Rohingya minority, most recently on January 13, 2014. By Gregory B. Poling   –… Continue reading

Myanmar’s Buddhist-Rohingya ethnic divide.

Displaced Rohingya Muslims struggle with persecution and Buddhist resentment. By Zigor Aldama  –  4 Feb 2014 13:09  –  Al Jazeera. A checkpoint guarded by three bored-looking policemen in the middle of a narrow road separates two… Continue reading

Cambodia – Economic Land Concessions by Country.

Go to:  Interactive Map Related articles: Forced land evictions in Cambodia – “Evict them in 5 easy steps!” (

India, Japan: This is panic!

Asia is a damned excited part of the world. And Singapore is the financial epicenter of all of it. Nowadays, serious money is moving into Singapore, by customers from Japan and India. In Japan, the… Continue reading

Minimum wages around the world: “iPad” vs “Big Mac” Index.

The absolute lowest federal minimum wage is in Sierra Leone, where workers can expect just $0.03/hour. India is the lowest among the larger economies with a $0.28/hour rate. Australia is at the opposite… Continue reading

Pollution – Not only in China a problem.

Cold winter weather and burgeoning industrial economies have made for difficult breathing in Asia and the Middle East this January. News reports from Ankara, Tehran, Beijing, and other cities have described hazy skies with very low visibility; restrictions on… Continue reading

Thailand loses top rice exporter title.

Thailand lost its three-decades-old title as the world’s top rice exporter last year, falling behind India and Vietnam.  The top three exporters. India’s rice exports last year exceeded 9.5 million tonnes. Vietnam announced… Continue reading