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Cambodia’s opposition leader plays the racist card.

Cambodia has been ruled for nearly 25 years by Hun Sen. His biggest rival is Sam Rainsy, who, in his struggle for power, has made use of widespread racism toward the Vietnamese. “We… Continue reading

Merkel’s “real” cell phone is secure.

Originally posted on The XX Committee:
As Germany’s “Handygate” has become a mass phenomenon bordering on hysteria, one of the strangest aspects has been the fact, which I’ve noted previously, that Chancellor Angela…

Did Putin Quietly Play the Debt Card Over Syria?

By Ron Holland – The Daily Bell . “They are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy. They are living like parasites… Continue reading

Syria – A Plea for Caution From Russia.

What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria. By: Vladimir V. Putin, president of Russia. Recent events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political… Continue reading

Politicians in Germany – What a shabby style!

Angela Merkel’s main election rival Peer Steinbrück mocked after a photo of him ‘Flipping The Bird’ comes out. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief election rival sparked a storm of derision and online ridicule Thursday… Continue reading

Minimum wages around the world: “iPad” vs “Big Mac” Index.

The absolute lowest federal minimum wage is in Sierra Leone, where workers can expect just $0.03/hour. India is the lowest among the larger economies with a $0.28/hour rate. Australia is at the opposite… Continue reading

Deutsche Bank and World Bank financing land grabs in Cambodia?

Deutsche Bank and IFC accused of bankrolling Vietnam firms’ land grabs in Cambodia and Laos. Two Vietnamese firms bankrolled by Deutsche Bank and the International Finance Corporation – the World Bank’s private lending… Continue reading

Nigel Farage on “wholesale, violent revolution” in Europe.

In a little under two minutes, Nigel Farage sums up the utter farce that “the religion” that Europe has become. He explains, his fear is that what will break up the Euro, “is not… Continue reading

Japan at Currency War.

Japan at War. by Bruce Krasting – My Take on Financial Events. My daughter called last night, she’s made her reservations for a honeymoon in Japan. Six months ago she was leaning on… Continue reading

Hun Sen’s Land Titles Receive Rare Praise From Germany

Originally posted on Sahrika:
Zsombor Peter and Kuch Naren,  The Cambodia Daily, Apr. 04 2013