Daily Archive: February 7, 2012

Phnom Penh: No more grilling cows in front of eateries?

Capital rotisserie ban has heads spinning. The familiar sight of cow torsos slowly turning on rotisseries in front of Phnom Penh’s restaurants and beer gardens will soon be a distant memory if government… Continue reading

Crisis 2012 – Inequality leads to collapse.

Why economic inequality leads to collapse. The lesson of the Great Crash was that unequal enrichment provokes asset bubbles, excessive demand for debt and, finally, economic failure. Now we are painfully learning that… Continue reading

Cambodia: Child trafficking – Midwife sells baby for $100.

Authorities in the capital Phnom Penh are investigating a case in which a midwife sold a newborn for US$100 last week. The police chief told that the suspected midwife had confessed to selling… Continue reading