Thailand: 12.8 Million US $ for lese majeste web-taps.

The Thai cabinet has approved a 400 million baht budget to buy equipment to lawfully tap into websites to detect lese majeste content.

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has been assigned to purchase the equipment, which would be used to  obtain communications network data pursuant to lawful authority for the purpose of analysis or evidence.

Since its establishment the ICT had, with an order and warrant issued by the Criminal Court, suspended broadcasting of texts and pictures deemed lese majeste on five websites after searching five locations in Nakhon Pathom and Bangkok and seizing a number of computers, mobile phones, and other communications equipment for examination.

Web censor system hits protest firewall.

The government yesterday had to calm fears civil rights would be threatened if it adopts a tighter monitoring system to counter anti-monarchy messages on the internet.

Officials assured that the “lawful interception (LI) system” would not be used extensively, but would be allowed by a court order.

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