Daily Archive: November 19, 2011

ASEAN: Wen Jiabao’s Statetement.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Friday delivered a statement at the China-ASEAN summit on Indonesia’s Bali island. Following some interesting text excerpts. Read the full text of the Statement by H.E. Wen Jiabao, Premier… Continue reading

Cambodia: 160 lightning deaths this year to date.

In the 10 month of this year 160 Cambodian killed by lightning strike. Last year there were 114 people. Cambodian Disaster Management said lightning injured 138, killed 60 cattle and destroyed four houses.… Continue reading

Phnom Penh: All Kippers and Curtains aka “Mehr Schein als Sein”.

In German Language there is a saying:  “Mehr Schein als Sein”.  It means things or persons which/who seem or pretend to be of high quality at first sight. In a Cambodian daily newspaper… Continue reading