Cambodia: Moving back again, from 306th to 172nd Street.

The Nomad is moving out of his apartment in the Boritra-Building.

No Name-Hotel, street 172, Phnom Penh

Today I moved into a small and cosy hotel without a name yet: I call it “No-Name”-Hotel. My friend Jefferson from California and I are the first customers. The hotel owners until now have not agreed on a common name for their hotel. Even our “professional help” was of no use. So, if you want to make some creative suggestions for a conclusive, customer-oriented branding, let me know it.

You may ask why I move out of my apartment since I have been there only slightly more than three months. My spontaneous answer you my know: I am a nomad. But there is also a deeper reason. My landlord was not able to keep his promise and to upgrade me to a higher floor. With lot of light, sunshine and a view.

Learn more about my moving back to 172nd street in the following slide-show.

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